How To Make Money Online By Starting A Blog 2014 (Video 1)

How To Make Money Online By Starting A Blog 2014 (Module 1)

If anyone wants to make money online in this day of age, they definitely should be starting a blog. There are multiple reasons why starting a blog will increase sales if you already have an existing business or can help you start making money online if you have never made money before. In this series of reports I will be discussing why to use a blog, the difference between a blog and website, how and where to start a blog, creating the content for the blog, researching keywords for your blog post, optimizing the blog post, getting the blog post indexed in the search engines with pings, and then promoting your blog to be seen by the masses. The information taught in the reports will be of great value, so lets get started with teaching you how to start making money online by starting a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is essentially a website. It is just a certain type of website that one can constantly ad content. In other words, one can consider a blog to be similar to an online journal

Who needs a blog?

If you are trying to make money online or want to promote a cause or take a stance or a certain issue. Then starting a blog will help one get their message or their product to the masses. The internet is a resource that one should have in their toolbox. The website that receives the most traffic is “Google,” and with a blog it gives you the opportunity to capitalize on those billions of visitors. Now, you do need some strategy to be placed behind your blog, but that is what the “How to Make Money Online By Starting A Blog Series” is for. To sup everything up, if you have an offline business, online business, or just want your voice to be heard, you need a blog.

Starting A Blog Versus A Regular Website

There are many similarities with a blog and a website, but a blog is more beneficial if you want to make money online.


  • Is on the internet
  • Can have customized designing
  • Must have a hosting company


  • Blog is constantly changing whereas a website is static (doesn’t change often)
  • Blog communicates with an audience whereas a website just gives information
  • Blog can be changed easily whereas a website one must be technical
  • Blogs are easier to index in the search engines because of the constant flow of information

How To Make Money Online By Starting A Blog – Flow Chart Of Topics

The topics mention below should be treated like a flow chart on how to go about starting a blog. I suggest following them in the order they are listed below if you are new to blogging. However, if you feel you have firm grasp on the topic in the title, then feel free to skip around.

The Blog I Highly Recommend

Everyone needs to know that all blogs are not created equal. The methods that are discussed throughout this report cannot be used unless you have a blog that allows you to make money online. Free blogs will not allow you to monetize the blog and if you break their guidelines, you can have your blog site shut down. The blog I am recommending allows you to sell or promote things online and you are in control of the hosting. With a free blog one is not in control of how much traffic they send to computer servers and this is the same for some of the low cost hosting companies as well. If one’s blog starts to generate a lot of visitors, aka traffic, the low cost or free blogs can tell you that you need to pay a higher premium if you want us to maintain this amount of traffic. Therefore, that leads me to my recommendation of a blog. The blog is very low cost, you can send as much traffic as you can think of, it is built for businesses, it is easily customizable, it is built for expert and novice bloggers, the platform helps promote your blog post to the world, and the community gives you training on the latest and greatest strategies that are making bloggers money online. Heck…this blogging platform as helped people make over 63 million dollars in sales (ranging from novice to blogging exports).The thing is that you can only get access to this blog unless you are referred by someone. So, since I have access to this blogging community, I am going to share it with you since you are trying to make your online presence be known! Go to the link below, enter your email address, and you will gain access to the information that will allow you access to the community and the blogging platform that was mentioned. (case sensitive)

(Go here to gain access to the blog resource)

We hope that you have received tremendous value from this report on How to Make Money Online by Starting A Blog. Please continue to next module in the series by clicking the link below

How To Make Money Online By Starting A Blog 2014 – How To Start A Blog (Module 2)


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